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Welcome to the wonderful world of Lily the Lamb and Lily's Adventures. Lily the lamb is a Uninque One of a Kind creation by designer Lisa Marie Olson, otherwise know as Chief Lambpreneur, Lily has many outfits for many different occasions and tasks, her family is consists of Mummy Lisa Lamb, Daddy Lucca Lamb, Brother Lennie Lamb, Grandma Lily who Lily is named after  and best friend and childhood sweetheart Louis Lamb. There are still a few lambs to be developed and created, such as Lucca & Lennie Lamb, but these personalities will soon be adourning screens and products.


Lily Lamb even has her own short animation and trailer which you can watch on the videos page.


The products you can see below are either made by Lisa or have been produced in low quanities by UK manufacturers. These are not yet ready for commercial purposes but a small number are being retailed in a local shop.  Lisa's main aim this year is to find licencing partnerships to help grow and develop the designs into the wider market place and overseas.


If you you are interested in licencing Lisa's design's then please contact Lisa via email: info@tigerlilymakes or call 07917568332 0r 0845 543 9046